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Carlo Maria Giulini
conducts Bruckner's Symphony No. 9
1 CD | 62min | Nr. SWR19411CD
CD 1: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 d minor WAB 109 (Dem lieben Gott)

Concert recording from 20 September 1996 at the Stuttgart Liederhalle. Carlo Maria Giulini was one of the most prominent conductors of the 20th century. Re-release of an SWR Classic Bestseller (ex. 93.186).

Anton Bruckner was one of the most controversial composers of his day. That situation has since changed significantly. Today, his works feature regularly on concert programmes and every orchestra worldwide performs his music which is deeply emotional, despite making challenges on audiences through its complexity and length. One of the most prominent conductors of the 20th century here conducts Bruckner not with his legendary slower tempi, but rather quicker. Carlo Maria Giulini retired from the podium two years after this concert was given in 1996; the performance combines all the emotional profundity and intellectual understanding of his long experience. The result is a wonderful version of Bruckner’s Ninth.