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DVD-Video 1: » Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 96 D major Hob. I:96 (London)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 101 D major Hob. I:101 (The clock)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 1 D major Hob. I:1
» Unknown: SIr Roger Norrington – Conductor between Stuttgart and Berkshire (A Film by Karl Thumm)

In celebration of Roger Norrington’s 75th birthday, hänssler CLASSIC/SWR music have released a special commemorative DVD. The current program features three Haydn Symphonies in live performance – as part of the great Haydn Jubilee to be celebrated in 2009 – including Symphony No. 1 and to late scores from the famous “London” Symphonies set.

Norrington and his Stuttgart ensemble have received world-wide praise for his explorations of Mozart and Beethoven. The time has come for Norrington to apply his unique performance choices to the ever-enchanting works of the Father of the Modern Symphony, Haydn. The DVD also includes a newly produced portrait of conductor Norrington. A invaluable contribution to understanding this modest man who has revolutionized modern orchestral performances of music of the Classical and Romantic eras.