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Charles Koechlin
Magicien orchestrateur
1 CD | 77min | Nr. 93.286
CD 1: » Charles Koechlin: Khamma (Adapted for Orchestra)
» Charles Koechlin: Sur les Flots lontains op. 130 (sur un Chant donne de Cathérine Urner)
» Charles Koechlin: Pélléas et Mélisande op. 80 (Suite de concert en sept mouvements; Adapted for Orchestra)
» Charles Koechlin: Fantasie C major op. 15 D 760 (Adapted for Orchestra)
» Charles Koechlin: Bourrée fantasque (Adapted for Orchestra)

When listening to the orchestral music of Charles Koechlin, one is immediately captivated by the intoxicating range of colors he was able to craft into every score. Given his extraordinary sensitivity to instrumental textures, it is hardly surprising that he would, upon occasion rework – or be asked to score - the music of others, giving those pieces new life with a splash of unexpected color. Debussy's late ballet "Khamma" is such a piece, orchestrated by Koechlin from the composer's short score, as was Fauré's "Pelléas et Melisande." In Franz Schubert's "Wanderer Fantasy," Koechlin offers an orchestral version of this most symphonic of piano pieces, whereas Chabrier's "Bouree Fantastique" is a delightful fantasy.