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Roger Norrington
1 CD | 70min | Nr. 93.254
CD 1: » Peter Tschaikowsky: Symphony No. 5 e minor op. 64
» Peter Tschaikowsky: Nutcracker op. 71a

If classical music collectors can agree upon anything, it’s that you just can’t get enough Roger Norrington! To meet this ever increasing demand, the team of Norrington/RSO Stuttgart have worked overtime to provide the critically acclaimed editions of Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler and Bruckner – all representative of Norrington’s unique modern variant of historically informed performance practice. The keyword for Norrington’s scholarly approach – in the main, vibratoless playing from a modern orchestra has become synonymous with the “Stuttgart Sound“ – here applied to that most romantic of all composers – Peter Tchaikovsky – represented by a pair of his most well-loved and well-known pieces; the Fifth Symphony and a Suite from the ballet “The Nutcracker“. Once again, Norrington has taken his unique vision and has inspired his ensemble of virtuosi to go where no “Historically Informed Performance Practice” orchestra has dared to go.