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Joseph Haydn
The London Symphonies
4 CD | 4h 57min | Nr. 93.252
CD 1: » Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 93 D major Hob. I:93 (London)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 97 C major Hob. I.97 (London)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 101 D major Hob. I:101 (The clock)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 94 G major Hob. I:94 (Surprise)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 98 B flat major Hob. I:98 (Londoner)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 102 B flat major Hob. I:102 (London)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 95 c minor Hob. I:95 (London)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 100 G major Hob. I:100 (Military)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 103 E flat major Hob. I:103 (Drumm Roll)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 96 D major Hob. I:96 (London)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 99 E flat major Hob. I:99 (Londoner)
» Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 104 D major Hob. I:104 (Bagpipe)

On his journey of discovery through classical and romantic music history Roger Norrington has now – finally – made his way to Joseph Haydn. Beethoven’s symphonies were his first major success with the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra; it was first in 2008 that Hänssler released Mozart’s Essential Symphonies – of course also with Norrington and his Stuttgart orchestra. And now the London Symphonies, the quintessence of Haydn’s experience with the symphonic form and a model for composers into the twentieth century. Norrington’s experience with historical performance practice is especially valuable precisely in the field of Viennese classicism and is reflected in very fine as well as suspenseful, excellently balanced, and captivating interpretations. The conductor himself writes of this in the booklet, “200 years ago Haydn died in Vienna after a lifetime of service to music. In September 2009 the Stuttgart RSO and I celebrated his memory by performing all the London symphonies, and recording them ‘live’, with our usual focus on historical playing style. Orchestra size, seating, tempo, phrasing, articulation and sound all played important roles, as they did in our well received 2006 Mozart recordings. […] By playing this delightfully orchestrated music as near as we can to how he did, we hope to do justice to the Father of the symphony in his anniversary year.”