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Hindemith was an all-round musician, composer, educator, violinist, violist, as well as having mastered all the instruments of the orchestra to a more or less professional level of proficiency, all of which was more than adequate to prepare him as an orchestral conductor as well. Hindemith‘s debut as a conductor came at the age of 21, but only after the Second World War he devoted himself intensively to conducting. »


The Duo D'Accord (pianists Lucia Huang and Sebastian Euler) is well known among piano duo enthusiasts and has enriched the music world with some extremely interesting, critically acclaimed CDs. With some unusual takes on the standard repertoire already in their catalogue, this time the two musicians set out to do something very special »


Stéphane Denève‘s Ravel cycle continues to take shape. In this second installment of the complete orchestral music we hear the ballet version of "Ma Mère l'Oye", the early Overture to "Shéhérazade", "Une barque sur l'ocean", "Menuet antique" and "Fanfare pour L'Éventail de Jeanne". »


János Starker was one of the greatest cellists of all time. He died just last year in 2013 at an advanced age, but was active as a teacher to the end. The easygoing naturalness of his playing and lean, lively sound were particular hallmarks of this master. »